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Why 8octaves Transitions

8octaves Transitions is a powerful new advertising solution that takes the hassle out of managing campaigns across websites, mobile web, apps and smart watches.

8octaves Transitions automatically renders your ad full screen, full motion, seamlessly in any rotation, on any device and on any operating system. Your ads dynamically display on every device as a full screen fit.

8octaves Transitions is a first for any ad serving platform, allowing advertisers to design and deliver one creative for all situations.

Powerful, Effective, Efficient. 8octaves Transitions can be applied to any hyperlink, in any section within a website. 8octaves Transitions do not alter the site visitors path through a website. The user gets the impression that the site loads faster and looks more visually appealing.


  • Give your brand maximum impact across all devices, on all platforms with one creative, served, rendered and delivered by the innovative 8octaves Transitions advertising solution.
  • Create powerful, effective, intuitive ads with the 8octaves Transitions creative.
  • Enhance your brand impact and engagement by linking our 8octaves Transitions creative to your existing above the fold ads.
  • 8octaves Transitions adds value to the targeting of your existing online advertising by significantly improving creative recognition and click through rates.
  • Design and run one creative across all devices regardless of operating system or device rotation.


  • No software development kit (SDK), no coding or programming required
  • Revolutionary ad serving solution and ad unit that will maximize your ad revenue across all your sites and apps, including smart watch, websites, mobile web and apps, by opening a new ad slot.
  • App developers: build one app and offer any sales model you like, free, freemium, or paid. 8octaves Transitions can be activated and deactivated in real time. When deactivated 8octaves leaves no ad placeholder.
  • You earn more from your existing ad units as 8octaves Transitions significantly enhances click-through rates on your linked above the fold placements.


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